Summary of the Coolschools conference in Paris (June 2023)

The conference started with the successful meeting of the members of the European research project at Académie du
climat.  In which partners knew about the progress on the different Work Packages on climate change
adaptation, biodiversity and urban social practices, health, socio-cultural
transformations, governance and pedagogical transformations.

The second day was dedicated to fascinating conferences on biodiversity in Paris and Europe. Many thanks to all the speakers!

The challenges of urban biodiversity in Paris byPhilippe JACOB on Biodiversity plan of Paris, Nathalie MACHON on the challenges of biodiversity in cities Céline CLAUZEL and Tanguy LOUIS-LUCAS on ecological connectivity and habitats identified in oasis schoolyards. « Feedback on biodiversity experiences in Europe » by Fabiola FRATTINI on the micro-forest in Rome’s San Lorenzo district. Mary JACKSON on the greening of schoolyards in England. Sigrun LOBST on the greening of schoolyards in Germany and the Netherlands. 

In the Afternoon the participants went into two fieldtrips, first o the school Neuve Saint-Pierre and second to the school Maryse Hilsz, both transfromed through the Oasis program.

And finally the third day was dedicated to rich conferences on « Policies in favor of biodiversity and urban greening »:

– « Biodiversity governance in Paris » Nathalie BLANC and Sarah BORTOLAMIOL

– « Greening europeen cities: when ecology meets policy » Charlotte HALPERN

– « Nema school greening programm » Anne THEURI

To end the conference participants enjoyed the Forum of experiences in the form of an exhibition at the Académie du climat. 

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