From greening schoolyards to urban biodiversity Conference. 8-9 June, Paris

Theories and study cases

The CNRS (UMR LADYSS, LIED), Université Paris Cité and the City of Paris are involved in the European research project CoolSchools (2022-2025) on green schoolyards. Based on schoolyard transformation pilot projects in Barcelona, Brussels, Paris and Rotterdam, the project seeks to assess how schoolyard greening practices can lead to socio-ecological transformations in favor of urban sustainability, climate resilience, social justice and quality education. The symposium brings together various French and foreign speakers to discuss more specifically the place of biodiversity in schoolyards’ transformations.

CoolSchools european project conference – 8 and 9 June 2023 – Paris

Free and mandatory registration
before May 15th COOLSCHOOLS conference June 7-9 2023 Paris (France) (

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